"Throughout history any long lasting social change has come from a grassroots "people" effort. The best of organizations embrace diversity training and programs for high potentials. What was needed is a way to blend programs and grassroot efforts for women. We have it! In The New Advantage Howard and Joelle provide a powerful pragmatic road map for women to catapult their careers and take control of their lives."
Ken Blanchard,
management expert and bestselling author of The One-Minute Manager and
Margie Blanchard,
speaker, author, and co-founder of The Ken Blanchard Companies

"Senior male leaders still have a long way to go in understanding how to interact, understand, listen, and hire/promote female talent. It also requires a dedicated partnership between men and women, where women work harder at getting men to think differently and men commit to thinking differently. The corporation has to have a real strategy in place as part of its culture to get it right." The New Advantage provides that strategy.
Tony Nugent,
Executive Vice President, MetLife

"The New Advantage moves the discussion about 'women in leadership' forward. It's Lean In meets Good to Great - a rich, practical guide based on the experiences of real corporate leaders - both men and women - who champion equality for women on leadership teams."
Susan Butler,
author of Become the CEO of You and WOMEN COUNT, and the first female partner at Accenture

The New Advantage shows women in leadership, and the leaders of the companies in which they work, to improve their business results by advancing women. By creating more balanced leadership teams of men and women, they gain a new advantage. Research has shown that companies with more women in senior positions have:
*          increased revenues,
*          greater innovation,
*          stronger leadership.

Balanced leadership leads to better business.

The good news is that women are in the position to empower themselves to advance as leaders. Best of all, they can do it in a way that supports not only their professional aspirations but also a balanced quality of life.

The New Advantage reveals strategies for what works in improving business results by advancing women as leaders.